Definition of extemporization in US English:


(British extemporisation)


  • See extemporize

    • ‘It could be a fine place to eat if the kitchen could curb its fondness for off-the-cuff extemporisation and submit itself to less glamorous, but more thorough culinary discipline.’
    • ‘Dickens, writing serially to the month as he did, clearly left much to his powers of extemporization.’
    • ‘These tunes go back to the very heart of extemporisation; the very root of Jazz itself.’
    • ‘At the premiere Handel gave an organ extemporisation on the fugal subject taken up by the choir.’
    • ‘When he was playing, the sound of his jazz masked the noise in his ear; when he was resting, the noise in his ear provided a convenient backing for mental extemporisation.’