Definition of exsolve in US English:



[no object]Geology
  • 1(of a mineral or other substance) separate out from solution, especially from solid solution in a rock.

    • ‘Eventually, the gasses exsolve, forming vesicles, which may coalesce to form a central cavity in the pillow.’
    • ‘Alstonite or barytocalcite occurs as very small grains that appear to have exsolved from calcium-manganese carbonate.’
    • ‘Gases that are dissolved in the magma until the time of eruption bubble out (exsolve) as the magma approaches the surface of the Earth.’
    • ‘The efficacy of partitioning of elements into an exsolving fluid from a melt is dependent on numerous factors, including the content of that element in the melt.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective exsolvedwith object Form (a mineral or other substance) by the process of exsolution.
      ‘coarsely exsolved ilmenites’
      • ‘Some older analyses show the presence of small amounts of NJ, Co, and Cu, but these are almost invariably found to reflect the presence of tiny exsolved grains of such minerals as chalcopyrite and pentlandite.’
      • ‘Notable occurrences of this include goethite psedomorphing pyrite, with exsolved gold near the surfaces of the replacement.’
      • ‘Ilmenite is now largely preserved as skeletal crystals in which exsolved magnetite lamellae have been altered, and the ilmenite itself partly altered to sphene.’


1920s (as exsolution): from ex- + solution; the verb dates from the 1940s.