Definition of expropriation in US English:



  • 1The action by the state or an authority of taking property from its owner for public use or benefit.

    ‘the decree provided for the expropriation of church land and buildings’
    ‘the expropriation of assets by the government’
    • ‘There was no question of a massive expropriation of noble estates, even with compensation.’
    • ‘The expropriation occurred when the project was not yet in operation and had yet to generate revenue.’
    • ‘The decree provided for the expropriation of church land and buildings.’
    • ‘In much of the third world, poverty can be directly linked to the expropriation of resources during colonial periods.’
    • ‘This occurred in the context of reforms, including land redistribution, expanded rural education, and the expropriation of the oil industry.’
    • ‘They claim that state regulatory actions amount to expropriation of their assets.’
    • ‘The compensation mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be equivalent to the value of the expropriated investments immediately before the expropriation is made.’
    • ‘The legality of any such expropriation, nationalization or comparable measure and the amount of compensation shall be subject to review by due process of law.’
    • ‘This bill will cement in place a disgraceful set of transactions - namely, expropriation of property rights.’
    • ‘The expropriation of property is a familiar scenario.’
    1. 1.1 The action of dispossessing someone of property.
      ‘a popular movement aiming at the expropriation of the landowners and the overthrow of the autocracy’
      • ‘He was convinced that the expropriation of capitalists would result in an immense extension of social productive forces and in the achievement of a higher degree of labour productivity.’
      • ‘The history of the connection between capitalism and the rise of the proletariat is almost the exact opposite of that which these theories of the expropriation of the masses suggest.’
      • ‘Realizing that the total expropriation of the landowners was out of the question, he pleaded for providing the freedmen with sufficient allotments.’
      • ‘The expropriation of the 200,000 families of the landed nobility in favor of the 25,000,000 peasant homesteads is an accomplished fact.’
      • ‘Revolution, in the sense of the expropriation of landlords and capitalists without compensation, was not the aim.’
      • ‘A more serious case of attempted expropriation of minority shareholders is hard to imagine.’
      • ‘He spoke of the need for the conquest of political power by the proletariat, in order to effect the expropriation of the bourgeoisie.’
      • ‘Private ownership based on one's own labour must of necessity develop into the expropriation of the workers.’
      • ‘They lack institutional guarantees against state expropriation of investors.’
      • ‘The party supported reform, in spite of the expropriation of some US investors.’