Definition of express lane in US English:

express lane


  • 1(on a highway) a lane for through traffic, having fewer exits.

    • ‘The accident occurred at a high traffic time in the express lanes of one of the busiest sections of one of the busiest highways in Canada.’
    • ‘Why does the sign above the entrance to the express lanes on the Interstate 90 bridge say ‘Exit’?’
    • ‘People did not like that, and instead proposed express lanes be built for the rich, basically.’
    • ‘Instead of spending money on light rail systems, the Union supports a $1.6 billion plan to create a 600-mile network of bus-only express lanes.’
    • ‘The new express lane has been criticized after a traffic death.’
    1. 1.1 (in a grocery store) a checkout aisle for shoppers buying only a few items.
      • ‘The gimmicky aspect of the book is that you can shop for four meals and still check out through the express lane.’
      • ‘Against all the signs and tradition I wheeled my trolley through the express lanes, with the approval of the checkout bloke, the only one working.’
      • ‘When we went to pay for our things, we only had few items, so we went to the express lanes.’
      • ‘I was called through to the express lane, got half way through unloading the shopping, and was then told the trolley wouldn't fit through.’
      • ‘Moving into the queue, Erika found herself, as she did every week, able to go through the express lane.’


express lane