Definition of exploding offer in US English:

exploding offer


  • A job offer that is retracted if not accepted within a very short period of time.

    ‘they can’t get first-rate students unless they use pressure tactics like exploding offers’
    • ‘In the rare case that they don't accept that, accept the exploding offer at the last minute, but go to the other interviews anyway.’
    • ‘VCs who make exploding offers are pretty much automatically eliminating all the people with good business sense from their potential universe of companies.’
    • ‘As hospitals offered positions earlier and earlier in an attempt to pre-empt the competition for the best candidates, students were confronted with "exploding offers," so-called because they expired if not accepted by the applicant within a day or two.’
    • ‘It seems to me that a company that accepts an exploding offer is demonstrating a remarkable lack of basic business aptitude.’
    • ‘If you get an exploding offer from a company that's not your first choice, push back.’
    • ‘I want to warn you about one trick that's very common with on-campus recruiters: the cynical "exploding offer."’