Definition of explant in US English:



[with object]often as adjective explanted
  • Transfer (living cells, tissues, or organs) from animals or plants to a nutrient medium.

    ‘explanted tissues’
    • ‘Other implantables that are explanted, reprocessed, and reimplanted into new patients include orthopedic prostheses and dental appliances.’
    • ‘The Federal Drug Administration says that if disease progression requires that a device be explanted, that is a reportable event.’
    • ‘As discussed in the introduction, the majority of studies aimed at transforming normal diploid cells in culture were carried out using freshly explanted diploid rodent cells.’
    • ‘In contrast, the lungs explanted at pulmonary transplantation from the other 6 patients contained prominent cysts with thin walls and a honeycomb-like arrangement.’
    • ‘Using explanted tissues from embryos of different ages, it has been shown that mesoderm induction is almost complete by the time gastrulation starts.’


  • A cell, organ, or piece of tissue which has been transferred from animals or plants to a nutrient medium.

    • ‘Tips of generative shoots excised from flowering beets were the explants used to initiate axenic shoot cultures.’
    • ‘Adventitious buds have been induced from protoplast culture, on leaf explants and on strips of stem.’
    • ‘Rooted explants were transferred to a peat-based medium and acclimated to the greenhouse environment.’
    • ‘Soybean explants consisting of a piece of stem and subtending leaf might allow the examination of water stress susceptibility without the possible interfering effects of the roots.’
    • ‘The original embryogenic cultures were obtained from leaf explants and the somatic embryos were multiplied either directly or via callus.’


Early 20th century: from modern Latin explantare, from ex- ‘out’ + plantare ‘to plant’.