Definition of experimenter effect in US English:

experimenter effect


  • An influence exerted by the experimenter's expectations or other characteristics on the results of an experiment, especially in psychology.

    • ‘An experimenter effect, as an alternative explanation of the findings, cannot as yet be fully ruled out.’
    • ‘This looks like an experimenter effect, although it is important to note that the difference between the scores for each agent was nonsignificant.’
    • ‘Our study is the first to provide evidence of an experimenter effect in investigating the belief-cognitive ability relationship.’
    • ‘The next section is on experimenter effects in parapsychological research, a crucial issue in understanding the problems of replication from study to study.’
    • ‘The experimenter effect may explain why many experiments can be conducted successfully only by one person or one group of persons, while others repeatedly fail in their attempts to replicate the results.’


experimenter effect

/ikˈsperəˌmen(t)ər iˌfekt/