Definition of expensively in US English:



  • In a way that costs a lot of money.

    ‘expensively dressed guests’
    ‘expensively produced ads’
    • ‘Mr. Doolittle enters, dressed expensively as if he was a bridegroom.’
    • ‘They do not mind a bit exploiting the skills which were so painfully and expensively acquired, and are so desperately needed in their home countries.’
    • ‘A few nights later, Elise was dining alone at a trendy restaurant when an expensively dressed older gentleman sent over a bottle of the finest champagne.’
    • ‘If the man and woman in the street can usually see a swift, practical, cheap solution to a problem, why does bureaucracy move so slowly and expensively?’
    • ‘The country's expensively trained personnel are a prize catch for the NHS.’
    • ‘A table of eight expensively suited businessmen was next to us, and we wondered if they would divide the bill on to eight credit cards.’
    • ‘We all know expensively refurbished public spaces which fail to attract the public, as well as overcrowded marginal corners where crowds always congregate.’
    • ‘She was expensively educated, rumoured to be of the landed gentry.’
    • ‘My flat was not expensively furnished, because I never had any money to furnish it any other way.’
    • ‘Some live-aboard boats provide everything else but are self-catering, providing the opportunity to eat as cheaply or expensively as you like.’