Definition of expansion joint in US English:

expansion joint


  • A joint that makes allowance for thermal expansion of the parts joined without distortion.

    • ‘In the portion of the building that remained standing to the north of the expansion joint, the slab and second-floor columns were heavily damaged.’
    • ‘Provide an expansion joint by removing the mortar along the joint down to the concrete, and use polyurethane caulk to fill the joint.’
    • ‘The change in deck structure required an expansion joint to avoid problems with differential movement.’
    • ‘An expansion joint connects that bay to the penultimate bay from the original design.’
    • ‘So began a painstaking operation to replace bolts and an expansion joint on the carriageway taking traffic out of the city, which was completed in 1969.’


expansion joint

/ikˈspanSHən ˌjoint/