Definition of exocarp in English:



  • The outer layer of the pericarp of a fruit.

    • ‘Both have fruits that are defined as pyrenes - having one or two seeds enclosed in indurate endocarp and surrounded by fleshy exocarp.’
    • ‘The mechanical performance of the exocarp including the cuticle, the epidermis, and a variable number of hypodermal cell layers, is of considerable economic significance for the integrity of the whole fruit.’
    • ‘The outside husk or exocarp is smooth and very tough, green to reddish brown becoming grey as the fruit matures.’
    • ‘The fruit is a one-seeded drupe consisting of a fleshy exocarp and mesocarp and a hard endocarp that is united with the seed coat.’
    • ‘At maturity, after drying down and the shrinkage of the unthickened exocarp these traces were prominent on the surface of the pod in Apex, giving it the ‘ribbed’ appearance described above.’
    skin, peel, covering, zest
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