Definition of exit wound in English:

exit wound


  • A wound made by a bullet or other missile passing out of the body.

    • ‘The Navy Corpsman dressed my entry wound, but didn't know I had an exit wound, so I was bleeding-out fast.’
    • ‘Now roll over, and lets take a look at the exit wound.’
    • ‘The jury heard that Mrs Thompson was shot twice, once in the back with an exit wound at her armpit which did not cause serious damage.’
    • ‘As I started to turn him over to check the exit wound, he started yelling, ‘Stop, Pap, stop!’’
    • ‘The 7.62 mm bullet went right through the neck, leaving a huge exit wound in the front.’
    • ‘By the sound of his scream and the moment his body impacted the ground, the agent guessed that the exit wound was about the size of his fist.’
    • ‘If misidentified as an exit wound, it may appear to be inconsistent with a self-inflicted wound.’
    • ‘A doctor came to examine my back, ‘Where's the exit wound?’’
    • ‘Devon responded, but gave a startled gasp as her hand accidentally found the exit wound on his shoulder blade.’
    • ‘He turned her over, looking for an exit wound, but didn't see one.’
    • ‘Had the corpsman found an exit wound he would have dressed the wound in the same way.’
    • ‘I think if you look at the autopsy report and all the other re-reviews, I think it's clear that the neck wound was an exit wound.’
    • ‘Bill grabbed at his back, and then looked down at the exit wound the bullet made passing through him.’
    • ‘She ripped off some fabric from one of the petticoats she wore and gently pressed it on the exit wound.’
    • ‘She ran the cloth over my back, gentle around the exit wound on my shoulder.’
    • ‘There's an exit wound through your shoulder blade and through your lower back.’
    • ‘Peter is in the hospital as we speak, although I strongly doubt he made it, the bullet should have gone into his chest and caused a large exit wound.’
    • ‘Looking at the exit wound on his back, his only comment was, ‘Hmm.’’
    • ‘Brad knelt down beside Vincent, looking carefully at the shoulder nearest him, then looking at the back of that shoulder, where the exit wound was.’
    • ‘There's also a scar right here from an operation they did, and there's an entrance and entry wound here on the left side of my ankle, and an exit wound right here.’


exit wound

/ˈɛksət ˌwund//ˈeksət ˌwo͞ond/