Definition of exigence in US English:



  • another term for exigency
    • ‘The point, I surmise, is that states of being such as love and holiness have an intrinsic exigence for expression.’
    • ‘The exigence that drives her study is this question: ‘What occurs between the best of intentions that we begin with and the often ineffective or even negative outcomes that students and teachers report?’’
    • ‘In species with separated sexes the only necessary differences, seen from the point of view of natural selection, would be those connected directly with the exigences of the reproductive process itself.’
    • ‘Building on this twin edifice of theory and exigence, Tovani proceeds to explain an array of tremendously helpful pedagogical strategies that all high school teachers can teach their students.’
    • ‘The exigence is more like a complex of various audience/speaker perceptions and institutional or material constraints.’