Definition of exfoliant in US English:



  • A cosmetic product designed to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

    • ‘You're smart to steer clear of buffing pads and exfoliants that contain crushed oatmeal, almond or apricot pieces.’
    • ‘Masks help to detoxify the skin and are usually gentle exfoliants as well.’
    • ‘You can also find various brands of lip exfoliants that will gently rub away dead skin cells, leaving your lips feeling renewed and refreshed.’
    • ‘The body scrub contains higher amounts of the exfoliants loofah and apricot seed because men have thicker skin and can handle more abrasion, Last says.’
    • ‘A welcome sign of the times to encourage young men to reach for the blushers and exfoliants?’
    • ‘When we assault our skin with harsh detergents, exfoliants, drying alcohols and synthetic oils, we can end up producing completely unintended results.’
    • ‘At any rate, the surf and sand double as an excellent exfoliant.’
    • ‘A high quality product can also act as an exfoliant by removing all dead skin cells, making your skin smooth as a result.’
    • ‘Physical scrubs contain crushed particles of ingredients like cornmeal and nuts while chemical products use mild exfoliants like glucosamine and glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells.’
    • ‘These acids are exfoliants, substances that remove the upper layer of old, dead skin and stimulate the growth of smooth, evenly pigmented new skin.’
    • ‘There's an exfoliant hand scrub with pumice, which is great for removing stubborn grime.’
    • ‘Made out of polyurethane or other plastics, these microscopic beads work in just the same way as natural exfoliants, but are usually smoother and more uniform in size, which lessens the possibility of tears occurring in the skin.’
    • ‘Electrical muscle stimulation, hormone and enzyme injections, vibrating machines, exfoliants and heating pad treatments are just a few of the services you might be tempted to try.’
    • ‘Most exfoliants use one type of crystal or bead.’
    • ‘Your child should steer clear of harsh exfoliants or scrubs, which can actually irritate blemishes.’
    • ‘Next, the exfoliant - a mixture made from almonds and minerals with calendula tea - was gently rubbed over my skin.’
    • ‘By using a quality, all-natural moisturizer and exfoliant, you can maintain the healthy glow of youth.’
    • ‘While the sloughing of dead skin cells happens naturally, manual or chemical exfoliants help accelerate the process, letting new skin cells underneath shine through.’
    • ‘You can choose from an exfoliating scrub, body and bath oil, SPF moisturizing lotion (all made from sugar, a natural exfoliant, and jojoba oil, a skin hydrator).’
    • ‘Regular use of an exfoliant, either physical or chemical can help to get rid of a moderate blackhead problem.’


1980s: from exfoliate + -ant.