Definition of exercise ball in US English:

exercise ball


  • A lightweight, inflated plastic ball with a diameter of 18–36 inches (45–91 cm), used in various fitness and physiotherapeutic exercises.

    Also called stability ball
    • ‘At MUSCLE & FITNESS, we often recommend using an exercise ball for moves like crunches and back extensions.’
    • ‘Lie on your back and rest your legs on top of an exercise ball, tucking the ball behind your knees.’
    • ‘Any type of crunch - exercise ball, reverse or regular - will suffice to target your abdominal region.’
    • ‘As a result, I've cut down slightly on my Ben & Jerry's intake and I've begun doing back exercises every day with a huge, blue exercise ball.’
    • ‘The purpose of the study was to assess and compare the cardiorespiratory responses to 2 pelvic stabilization exercises performed on a therapeutic exercise ball.’
    • ‘This descriptive study documents the cardiovascular and respiratory responses to performing abdominal stabilization exercises on a therapeutic exercise ball.’
    • ‘Sit up tall on an exercise ball and find your balance.’
    • ‘Lie back on an exercise ball with your low and mid-back supported, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands behind your head.’
    • ‘The following routine uses an exercise ball for the added benefits of improved balance and strength of the core muscles.’
    • ‘To make the movement more challenging, hold a small exercise ball between your thighs, knees or calves.’
    • ‘After little to no rest, grab a pair of lighter weights and do 10-15 flyes on an exercise ball.’
    • ‘Sit on an exercise ball and walk your feet forward until your lower back is supported by the ball, knees bent 90 degrees.’
    • ‘Also, balance your ab work with exercises that strengthen your back, such as roman chair back extensions or extensions on an exercise ball.’
    • ‘With lightweight dumbbells in hand, lie facedown with your midsection and chest on an exercise ball.’
    • ‘Exercises range from squats on a balance board to dumbbell exercises (such as the shoulder press at right) on an exercise ball.’
    • ‘We each lay stomach-down on an exercise ball and walked forward on our hands while the ball rolled down our legs to our feet.’
    • ‘Stand facing away from a wall and place an exercise ball between your lower back and the wall, feet hip-width apart.’
    • ‘You don't need the big pulley machine for Pilates; you can do dozens of exercises to strengthen your core and get great results with an exercise ball.’
    • ‘Sit upright on an exercise ball and walk your feet out in front of you until your lower back is supported by the ball.’
    • ‘Due to the relatively poor stability of the exercise ball, holding weights in your hands or on your chest may impair your balance and range of motion.’


exercise ball