Definition of exercisable in US English:



  • See exercise

    • ‘It is often said that the degree of compassion and principle that are exercisable in politics are inversely related to proximity to power, rather than which side you're on.’
    • ‘In this sense, self-determination was a right exercisable by the people who arbitrarily found themselves lumped into an ascertainable territory: it was not a right belonging to ethnic groups.’
    • ‘By means of the Royal Powers Act 1953, parliament did provide that, ‘when the Queen is personally present in Australia, any power under an Act exercisable by the governor-general may be exercised by the Queen’.’
    • ‘Unless access is restricted by bylaws, all the rights granted are exercisable at night as well as during the day.’
    • ‘Waters states that the right of indemnity is not only exercisable against the trust property, it is also a first charge on that property, taking priority over other interests.’