Definition of exegete in English:



  • An expounder or textual interpreter, especially of scripture.

    • ‘Maulana Akhlaq Qasimi is a distinguished Islamic scholar and exegete of the Qur'an.’
    • ‘No word of any traditionist or exegete can be regarded as authentic in opposition to it - i.e. to the word of the Glorious Quran.’
    • ‘It should dominate the study of John as exegete for the next generation.’
    • ‘However, in the hands of a skilled preacher and exegete (which I'm not claiming I am), it is still very serviceable.’
    • ‘He writes as a New Testament exegete but seeks to cross the line for conversation with those in the church responsible for worship and for outreach.’
    • ‘Though he was a highly accomplished student and exegete of Aristotle, he wrote no commentaries on Aristotelian works.’
    • ‘Venema noted he was unaware of any reformed exegete in the 16th or 17th centuries who embraced this interpretation.’
    • ‘The only sort of training I had as any kind of exegete or glossator was being taught for A-level how to read Shakespeare, Milton and Dickens.’
    • ‘The manner in which the story is revealed is sometimes new even for Ben Jelloun, who uses the device of an ‘autodidacte,’ a sensitive, trained clerical exegete who dies of grief.’
    commentator, observer, monitor, pundit, expert, authority, arbiter, interpreter, exponent, expounder
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  • Expound or interpret (a text, especially scripture)

    ‘I am able to exegete the scriptures in ways that make sense’


Mid 18th century: from Greek exēgētēs, from exēgeisthai interpret.