Definition of exclusivist in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See exclusivism

    • ‘Such denominational reduction of communities stems from an exclusivist viewpoint - that there is no underlying unity between different layers of the social spectrum.’
    • ‘Claims on exclusive entitlements based on religious belief multiply, and given the inseparability of the personal from the political, exclusivist claims mire civil discourse.’
    • ‘Excluded by racist societies, denied equal opportunity, and denigrated by their own Westernized elites, they have developed an exclusivist mind-set.’
    • ‘The handling of relief and rehabilitation matters by the various successive Governments reveal a sadistic apathy as if some weird exclusivist outlook has gripped the State functioning both in the state as well as in the centre.’
    • ‘Fundamentalists are also exclusivists, i.e. they hold that only those who believe as they do will end up in heaven.’
    • ‘On the one hand, it calls for exclusivists in the appropriate circumstances to ‘resolve significant epistemic peer conflict’, and this means that exclusivists should on occasion reexamine their own beliefs.’