Definition of excipient in English:



  • An inactive substance that serves as the vehicle or medium for a drug or other active substance.

    • ‘They were made this way: the appropriate amount of a solution containing the active ingredient and the excipient or bulking agent was placed in the open vials.’
    • ‘The tests showed that the new product can be safely used in serum/animal protein-free cell culture systems, as a pharmaceutical excipient and in drug delivery.’
    • ‘The ‘new’ Nardil contains the same 15 milligrams of phenylzine sulfate/tablet but the excipients have been dramatically altered.’
    • ‘Subjects covered in the video included function and rationale for use of excipients, powder sieving and blending, and tablet dedusting/ polishing.’
    • ‘Analytical methods which will work on undiluted, individual ingredients may not work well on finished products containing other non-herbal ingredients or excipients.’
    • ‘Alternately, the drug and its excipients can be made into particles of various sizes.’
    • ‘Control cells consisted of untreated cells, cells incubated with the mannitol excipient and exposed to light or cells exposed to the dye alone.’
    • ‘Also, both studies used a dosage form that contains a dissolution-inhibiting excipient, magnesium stearate.’
    • ‘However, the term ‘drug’ excludes contaminants (such as in herbal medicines) or supposedly inactive excipients in a formulation.’
    • ‘A second investigation revealed that the decrease of bioavailability of R with H was not due to the excipients present in H tablets.’
    • ‘It is talking about incompatibilities between the excipients and the active drug as something which should be considered?’
    • ‘Most tablets and some capsules contain fillers, binders, or excipients (substances that help keep the herb dry during manufacturing).’
    • ‘Conventional lectures covering the function and rationale of excipients, methods of tablet production, and the physical and analytical tests performed on tablets were provided prior to any intervention.’
    • ‘Authenticating pharmaceuticals - raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and finished dosage forms - throughout the entire supply chain is essential for maintaining product integrity.’
    • ‘Again, this will need to be incorporated into clinical protocols, although it is noted that other photosensitizers and antineoplastic drugs in common use, such as paclitaxol, also use similar excipients.’


Early 18th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘that takes exception’): from Latin excipient- ‘taking out’, from the verb excipere.