Definition of excepted in US English:



  • postpositive Not included in the category or group specified.

    ‘most museums (the Getty excepted) have small acquisitions budgets’
    • ‘‘Access land’ is land which has been shown by the Countryside Agency on conclusive maps of open country and registered common land, and which is not excepted land.’
    • ‘Re-admitting the public into the countryside, farmland excepted of course, could hardly make things worse.’
    • ‘(b) in the said excepted case shall be brought before the court at which he was to have surrendered to custody…’
    • ‘It is designed to prejudice the transfer of powers in favour of British state interests by designating matters due to be transferred, as excepted matters.’
    • ‘I think the entire hurling world, Tipperary excepted of course, would rejoice in a Waterford win on Sunday.’
    • ‘Every touring cricket team, Bangladesh apart, therefore faces immediate and real danger unlike the dangers associated with tours to most other places in the world; war zones excepted of course.’
    • ‘Regulation of aged care and other community services not specifically excepted may also be challenged, as barriers to USA investment strategies!’
    • ‘Its effect is to confine any exceptions to certain special cases provided such excepted use does not conflict with a normal exploitation of the work and does not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the author.’
    • ‘This is evident in the law of the family (infants possibly excepted, but the community is interested in its members), the law of property, the law of crime.’
    • ‘For an estate that does not qualify as an excepted estate, form IHT200 together with the inventory must be sent to IR Capital Taxes in every case, not just where there is tax to pay.’
    • ‘The performances - Tritter's excepted - are as straightforward as Fishman's direction.’
    • ‘A person who uses oil for excepted vehicles is entitled to a rebate of excise duty.’
    • ‘The men, Marlowe excepted of course, are rather one-dimensional.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We are not in a position to decide whether the ILDA is an excepted body.’’
    • ‘In my present state of hyper-activity, examination scripts excepted of course, I'm not sure I can wait that long.’
    • ‘Items 4 to 6 of the items overriding the exceptions relate to item 4 of the excepted items.’
    • ‘Those excepted categories comprise settlements of claims made either on the basis that Generali had no legal liability to make them or on the basis that liability was not admitted.’
    resistant, not subject, not liable, unsusceptible, not vulnerable, not open, not exposed
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