Definition of exabyte in US English:


(also EB, Eb)


  • A unit of information equal to one quintillion (10¹⁸) bytes, or one billion gigabytes.

    • ‘The internet currently handles one exabyte of data every hour.’
    • ‘To put this into context, one exabyte is the equivalent of one followed by 18 zeros of bytes.’
    • ‘Second, a 5 exabyte store would roughly be eight thousand times too small to store " all words ever spoken by human beings ", at least in audio form.’
    • ‘IBM, for example, states that there is one exabyte - [ 10.sup.18 ] bytes - of online data worldwide.’
    • ‘Total petabytes increased 58 per cent year-over-year to 505 petabytes or half an exabyte.’