Definition of evildoer in US English:



  • A person who commits profoundly immoral and malevolent deeds.

    ‘his concept of justice demanded vengeance against evildoers’
    • ‘Too preoccupied with the grave responsibility of preserving the safety of our great nation from evildoers to recall exact sequence of events over 26 months ago.’
    • ‘But his explanation was little more than simplistic rhetoric about how evildoers had wronged us and they would now be forced to pay.’
    • ‘Enjoy your paved roads while you can, evildoers!’
    • ‘War is evil, and people who wage war are evildoers.’
    • ‘When bishops protect evildoers, they pervert their mission.’
    • ‘As you fight the evildoers, your movements are magnified by the software, so you appear to be as fantastic a fighter as any fantasy video game character.’
    • ‘Sure, it could be a way for evildoers to spread viruses, destroy nervous systems, and kill via warriors too small to see, but there's always a bright side.’
    • ‘Has everything gone wrong because of evildoers and external forces?’
    • ‘I mean don't we have enough laws on the books against evildoers and wrongdoers?’
    • ‘Somehow, magically, these evildoers coerce the young to commit suicide.’
    • ‘At last, humanity has a ready means of putting pathological liars and other disparate evildoers under the collective microscope of blogdom every time they try it again.’
    • ‘He could often solve murders before they occurred: it then became merely a matter of stationing an officer where he could observe the foul deed and apprehend the evildoer.’
    • ‘Not to show overwhelming strength is immoral, since it will induce evildoers to perform more evil deeds because they'll think they can get away with it.’
    • ‘And while refusing to confirm or deny that it's going on, the White House insists only evildoers need fear government eavesdroppers.’
    • ‘But I think the free world, the civilized world, the good people of the world, can strike a serious blow against evildoers.’
    • ‘Personally I like to contemplate the future with apocalyptic details and morbid fantasies involving corporate evildoers and wildlife.’
    • ‘There are a good people down there and in the midst of them are a handful of evildoers.’
    • ‘Our condemnation of her deed notwithstanding, we respect an evildoer by calling her evil because we are treating her as a responsible being.’
    • ‘It's a dangerous world out there; hordes of fanatical evildoers are bent on committing unspeakable crimes against us.’
    • ‘‘We should try to understand the psychology of evildoers,’ he said.’
    wrongdoer, transgressor, criminal, delinquent, offender, villain, black hat, malefactor, reprobate, scoundrel, rogue, sinner, sinful person, wicked person, evil person, bad person
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