Definition of every which way in US English:

every which way


  • 1In all directions.

    ‘you can see cracks moving every which way’
    • ‘His dirty-blond hair was horribly messy as usual, curling every which way, looking like he didn't even comb it in the morning.’
    • ‘The creatures flew every which way, and there were several loud cracks as bones broke from their landing.’
    • ‘All Sarah could see was feet running every which way, panicking.’
    • ‘Since the anger is usually directed every which way, it will soon exhaust itself.’
    • ‘Bullets ricocheted off the walls and hurried foot steps went every which way in the mass confusion.’
    • ‘Arms aloft, hips swaying, feet shuffling every which way, he was the talk of the dance floor at York's Gallery Nightclub.’
    • ‘I hopped up quickly, cautiously moving around, rolling my eyes in every direction, turning my head every which way.’
    • ‘The branches of this 20-to 30-foot tree twist and turn every which way, and its catkins are prominent.’
    • ‘He started to direct traffic, his arms flailing every which way, until the bus could maneuver into a passing lane.’
    • ‘There was a general confusion and people rushed every which way.’
    1. 1.1 By all available means.
      ‘since then he has tried every which way to avoid contact with his ex’
      • ‘He's been on both sides on the war, really having it every which way.’
      • ‘We tried to make them so, we tried to keep them pure and unsullied, we tried our best to anticipate and block every which way even the most devious of users could break out of the shells we put around his access.’
      • ‘Scotland took that on-field cool into the autumn test with Samoa, who used every which way to turn up their unique attacking heat but were fought off 18-11.’
      • ‘In spite of the barrage of questions regarding development of airports in Kerala, all that he promised was to contribute to Kerala's development in every which way that he could.’
      • ‘You can argue that every which way, and people do.’
      • ‘I know the importance of exploring options, looking at a problem every which way, and examining alternative solutions.’
      • ‘You just don't believe a word they say until all facts have been completely confirmed every which way.’
      • ‘But in every which way, everything else is different.’
      • ‘Now 84 years old, he keeps embarrassing us every which way.’
      • ‘TV with around $3.2 billion this year in ad revenues is measured every which way and more.’