Definition of evening primrose in US English:

evening primrose


  • A plant with yellow flowers that open in the evening.

    Genus Oenothera, family Onagraceae: numerous species, in particular the common evening primrose (O. biennis)

    • ‘Areas once graced by desert mariposa tulip, Rocky Mountain bee plant, prickly poppy and evening primrose were invaded by the hostile horehound.’
    • ‘For the study, researchers planted clusters of evening primrose at field sites, some of which were a monoculture of one genetic variation, others of which contained a number of genetic variations.’
    • ‘My favourite night-bloomer is the evening primrose which seeds itself all over the garden, appearing as if by magic in dull corners which it brings to light with clumps of glorious bloom often as much as six feet high.’
    • ‘Some rivals of the purple lilac included the buttercup, goldenrod, Mayflower, wood lily, purple aster, apple blossom, and the evening primrose.’
    • ‘Not to be forgotten is borage oil extracted from the starflower very similar to the evening primrose.’


evening primrose

/ˈēv(ə)niNG ˈprimˌrōz//ˈiv(ə)nɪŋ ˈprɪmˌroʊz/