Definition of evaporative cooling in US English:

evaporative cooling


  • Reduction in temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which evaporation takes place. This process is employed in industrial and domestic cooling systems, and is also the physical basis of sweating.

    • ‘In addition, frequent dressing changes have been associated with evaporative cooling of the wound as it is exposed to the air.’
    • ‘To remove the residual energy Cornell and Wieman used evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘To understand how to accomplish evaporative cooling with atoms, we need to first take a look at how these atoms are being held in the trap.’
    • ‘Indeed, in the absence of significant evaporation through the skin, evaporative cooling in the air sac system is the only way for large subtropical birds to maintain stable body temperatures below high ambient temperatures.’
    • ‘To further reduce the temperature, a second step utilized evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘That can cool the atmosphere by evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘An atrium on the tower's north face provides evaporative cooling which tempers conditions in the sky courts, lobbies and viewing platforms.’
    • ‘The techniques most commonly used for rapid cooling are cold water immersion and evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘The outcome is a heavily insulated, unpainted steel shed that relies on a system of evaporative cooling to meet ventilation and cooling requirements.’
    • ‘To cool down, they dip their flipper into the water and then raise it back up into the air, a behavior that results in lowering the blood temperature through evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘Sprinklers can effectively keep cattle below their upper critical temperature by increasing evaporative cooling and lowering ground temperature.’
    • ‘It was a wet hessian box that used evaporative cooling to keep food cool.’
    • ‘Two solar-powered fans at the termination of the culverts pull cool air into the fountain room, where it mixes with the fountain water and provides natural evaporative cooling throughout the house.’
    • ‘The major point of sweating in hot weather is evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘Thus, the roof provides for, in turn, shading, insulation, evaporative cooling, and direct radiation.’
    • ‘Heatstroke is a medical emergency that should be treated immediately with temperature-lowering techniques such as immersion in an ice bath or evaporative cooling.’
    • ‘The ‘courthouse as oasis’ deploys shade trees, evaporative cooling, and natural convection to mitigate the desert climate.’
    • ‘Shading and evaporative cooling from trees can reduce the air temperature around your home.’
    • ‘Although immersion methods are thought to be less effective than evaporative cooling, direct comparison studies are lacking.’
    • ‘Other supportive measures should be applied jointly with evaporative cooling.’