Definition of evangelize in US English:


(British evangelise)


[with object]
  • 1Convert or seek to convert (someone) to Christianity.

    • ‘I'm not saying that I think his approach would work, no, but if rigorously followed it might lead to more productive discussions than usually arise from efforts to evangelize the heathens.’
    • ‘The fastest-growing Alliance churches are Chinese, especially among newly arrived Chinese Christians evangelizing their own people.’
    • ‘The hope would be that they'll go out in teams evangelising other young people.’
    • ‘This novel technique enables Christians to freely evangelize Jews by distancing themselves from their Christian forbears.’
    • ‘Jesus wants to teach all of us to evangelize our friends and family just as effectively as he evangelized his first followers.’
    • ‘So then, the nineteenth century witnessed the rise of modern missions as first a trickle and then large numbers of European Christian ministers traveled to the continent to evangelize the indigenous people.’
    • ‘The pervasive modernism of the last few centuries has, tragically, dampened the ardor of Christians for evangelizing the Jews.’
    • ‘Obviously you don't evangelise cultures, you evangelise people within a culture.’
    • ‘We grow relationships in the church not to evangelise people, not to drag them in the church, but just because we want to.’
    • ‘He observes that because of Catholics' racial prejudice, the Church failed even to evangelize the former slaves, much less contribute to their assimilation into American society.’
    • ‘In some parts of the world member churches of the Communion have been (to some extent) spared the trouble of party politics because they were evangelized by missionaries with a strong affiliation with one party.’
    • ‘The congregation and parents have no desire to use this letter for a more aggressive approach to evangelize Jews.’
    • ‘Previous Christian attempts to evangelize Muslims in India had met with disappointment.’
    • ‘Even though the last words of this sentence imply that the Gentile church has an obligation to evangelize the Jews, its pro-Jewish sentiment is obvious.’
    • ‘As time went on, however, the church began baptizing infants and then sought to evangelize them over time so that they would experience conversion.’
    • ‘Another thing that must be noted in these chapters in Acts was the fact that Paul was in no way going out to evangelise the heathen who had no contact with the good news.’
    • ‘Others like Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya Yemen and Saudi Arabia have firmly resisted attempts to evangelise their people.’
    • ‘As a result the Catholic church has officially stopped evangelising the Jews.’
    • ‘In an age of globalization, renouncing the right to evangelize foreigners ultimately means renouncing the right to evangelize our next-door neighbors and even our own grandchildren.’
    • ‘Further, the council called on the entire church to evangelize the modern world through renewal of the laity's role.’
    convert, proselytize, bring to christ, bring to god, bring to jesus, bring into the fold, redeem, save, make someone change their beliefs, make someone change their mind, make someone see the light, spread the faith, spread the gospel, spread the word, spread the faith to, spread the gospel to, spread the word to, preach, preach to, make converts, seek converts, make converts among, seek converts among, act as a missionary
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    1. 1.1no object Preach the Christian gospel.
      ‘the Church's mission to evangelize and declare the faith’
      • ‘In the course of his evangelizing, a Christian preacher argues that Islam is evil; this is a sincerely held opinion.’
      • ‘For this website builder, to evangelise is also to ‘do one's part’ as a member of the Christian community.’
      • ‘Kids Hope USA mentors must pledge not to evangelize on school grounds.’
      • ‘The ministry exists to help upbuild members in their faith so that they can evangelise, instruct others and fulfil their vocation of prayer.’
      • ‘Which I guess means, you can enjoy a sunny Jewish vacation and we won't evangelize.’
      • ‘As a result of this new understanding I came more and more to experience a new peace in difficult circumstances, a new confidence and trust when praying and evangelizing, and a new depth to both prayer and service.’
      • ‘They evangelised vigorously, and the gospel became a talking point throughout the area.’
      • ‘Because the motive to evangelise seems likely to produce little reward for the website builder, this second motive may be even more important in the choice to produce the web-based invitation to a Sinner's Prayer.’
      • ‘But more than that, evangelicalism is exactly what its name suggests, a belief system that emphasizes the process of evangelizing.’
      • ‘The church that does not evangelise must surely fossilise!’
      • ‘Whether it was dramatic, like Paul's, or profound in its simplicity, frequently recalling it will help you fight against temptation and doubt and better equip you to evangelize when the opportunity arises.’
      • ‘How could I evangelize boldly and confidently when filled with doubts about the very Bible that was the basis of my faith?’
      • ‘We know that we are called to evangelize, but it's important to know also that evangelization is far more than stating some historical facts about Jesus.’
      • ‘The Church's ability to evangelize is diminished.’
      • ‘In short, I cribbed my ideas from John Paul II, who among other things, says that the way to make a parish strong is not to practice endless introspection but to throw the parish into the work of evangelizing.’
      • ‘One can evangelize, etc. without persons asking questions.’
      • ‘Richard Davies, a fourth year at Jesus, added, ‘as a Christian it is your duty to evangelise, also your duty to respect others opinions.’’
      • ‘Although the church is young, church leaders have begun to recognise their responsibility to evangelise.’
      • ‘He observed Christian efforts to evangelize, educate, and reform the nation and world through voluntary societies, and he also dealt with intellectual revolutions at century's end.’
      • ‘For those of us who have been tracking the frontier of collaborative technology this might seem to be the millennium at last, when we can stop evangelizing and really start rocking-and-rolling.’
      • ‘So an evangelical president is unlikely to evangelize in his (and hopefully someday her) official duties as president.’
      • ‘However, as a result of her persistent witnessing I was ripe for the harvest when a new church came to our city and began evangelising.’
      • ‘The December evangelistic ET offers an uncomplicated way to evangelise on a regular annual basis, and we prayerfully commend it to readers and churches alike.’
      • ‘We should go out to preach and evangelise, realising that only the Lord can remove the veil of unbelief.’
      • ‘As only Christians hold these exclusive keys to salvation their mission to evangelize is ever more critical.’
      • ‘As the tools improve, more and more women will begin to work in this space, writing, creating products, and evangelizing.’
      • ‘Offer a clear, plain exposition of the charge given by Jesus: go - evangelize - teach.’
      • ‘His constant moralizing and evangelizing about the superiority of Republican dogma is his right.’
      • ‘Another is referred to as ‘a dead man’ by the local believers, because of his efforts to evangelize in the southern part of this country.’
      • ‘To evangelize, we must allow the testimony of God, of the apostles, and of the Church to speak through us.’
      • ‘Even those who have moved away from or expanded the definition of ‘conservative evangelicalism’ have not lost the impulse to evangelize, he says.’
      • ‘As we are sent by the same Lord, as we go forth in the name of the same Lord, as we proclaim the same Lord, so we ought to evangelize with one another rather than against one another.’
      • ‘He has further left no doubt about the Church's universal mandate to evangelize, contending that evangelization and inter-religious dialogue need not be mutually exclusive.’
      • ‘We come up so short, so often, within our own country that it is folly of the highest order to believe that we have a right to evangelize to the rest of the world.’
      give a sermon, deliver a sermon, sermonize, spread the gospel, address, speak
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Late Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin evangelizare, from Greek euangelizesthai, from euangelos (see evangel).