Definition of evangelistic in US English:



  • 1Seeking to convert others to the Christian faith; missionary.

    ‘an evangelistic preacher’
    • ‘That summer, we had another massive evangelistic campaign.’
    • ‘Since his father wasn't very big on evangelistic campaigns, he declined to be supportive.’
    • ‘A smorgasbord subcommittee of pastors designed the evangelistic tract that would be handed out door to door.’
    • ‘Engagement with the world is often limited to humanitarian efforts with an evangelistic goal.’
    • ‘These spots were the basis of evangelistic operations on the surrounding district.’
    • ‘Home visits, communion to the sick, and even funeral ceremonies were turned into evangelistic meetings.’
    • ‘We have a good supply of the introductory booklets which can be given away freely as a ministry gift or an evangelistic tool.’
    • ‘There is a very strong evangelistic message in this film.’
    • ‘At the end of the century the early evangelistic zeal of the chief Protestant denominations had notably lessened.’
    • ‘There are only 30 spots left in this evangelistic trip to Athens.’
    • ‘Days 3 and 4 followed the same pattern - seminars in the morning and evangelistic sermons at night.’
    • ‘Evangelistic preaching, therefore, has to deal head-on with origins.’
    • ‘Every year, he held a week of evangelistic meetings in his own congregation.’
    • ‘He was motivated also by an evangelistic desire.’
    • ‘Bright saw an opportunity to make a pioneering evangelistic tool.’
    • ‘These range from evangelistic sermons to in-depth expositions of various parts of Scripture.’
    • ‘We've had the Roman Catholic Church support us in our evangelistic efforts.’
    • ‘A gospel lifestyle will inevitably lead to evangelistic opportunities.’
    • ‘He also preaches at evangelistic festivals around the world.’
    • ‘Last December, the writer's small church combined with three others to distribute 6,000 copies of the evangelistic ET.’
    missionary, preaching, evangelical, evangelizing, revivalist, crusading, propagandist, campaigning, converting, proselytizing, televangelical
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    1. 1.1 Zealously advocating a particular cause; campaigning.
      ‘an almost evangelistic zeal for the product’
      • ‘I can even be a bit evangelistic about it: techno can be a wildly inventive form.’
      • ‘Moblog UK members are evangelistic about the site, and it's not hard to see why.’
      • ‘Dvorkin is a highly experienced journalist and former ombudsman who will bring much-needed evangelistic zeal to the post.’
      • ‘There were many times an evangelistic Gates pontificated about the future of PCs on the desktop.’
      • ‘Peta seems to have learned some lessons from our evangelistic methods.’
      • ‘The author loves his cultural and familial heritage and is infectiously evangelistic about it.’
      • ‘At times the style is evangelistic, and Starey seems to accept uncritically the political dogma that dominates current policy.’
      • ‘Everyone who makes marmalade at all, as far as I can see, develops a theory of their own about which they become evangelistic.’