Definition of Europeanize in English:



[WITH OBJECT]often as adjective Europeanized
  • 1Give (someone or something) a European character or scope.

    ‘a highly Europeanized city’
    • ‘Young, male, educated, and newly Europeanized (one young boy practically slobbers all over his gleaming shoes), he seems a perfect leader for the modernizing rebellion to come.’
    • ‘Three weeks later I returned home, thoroughly Europeanized.’
    • ‘This is because the Europeanized elites who've ruled the country have long joined foreign corporate exploiters in plundering Bolivia's resources and people.’
    • ‘Women's attitudes towards feminism, the clothing they wore, and other beliefs and behaviors were subjected to scrutiny by Spanish modernizers who saw women as key to Europeanizing and westernizing Spain.’
    • ‘Conceived in 1703, St Petersburg was Tsar Peter's monument to Europe's artistic and cultural achievements, and a symbol of his determination to Europeanise Russia.’
    • ‘It was a far cry from her life in Cairo and its Europeanized royal court.’
    • ‘Indeed, these Christians are probably more like the early believers than their Europeanized co-religionists.’
    • ‘We've reached the point where it's difficult to go home because we're so Europeanized.’
    • ‘She has become completely Europeanized and is engaged to a white Frenchman.’
    • ‘At least since the Enlightenment, Europe and the Europeanized world have massively dominated the global production of knowledge, and also the manufacture and sale of books.’
    • ‘In town it is now smart to be as Europeanised as possible.’
    • ‘I have the impression that some people make efforts to be Europeanised and on the other side you have the impression that a lot of things have to be done.’
    • ‘British immigration continued strong, but Australia was being Europeanised by default.’
    • ‘As an institution, school has been used over the years to pacify, Christianize, and Europeanize the native population.’
    • ‘Other Zionists rejected any such Oriental tag because they believed that the purpose of a Jewish state was not to adapt to prevailing circumstances in the Middle East but to Europeanize them.’
    • ‘On the one hand, proposals for social segregation respected the desire to Europeanize and modernize precisely because they acknowledged instead of resisted or denied that women's relations to space were changing.’
    • ‘So interesting motifs designed with an Egyptian or an Indian influence in myriad shades of blue, green, reds, or the Europeanised concept of pinks and beige fabrics adorn the windows of furnishing outlets.’
    • ‘Renoir made two relatively short visits to Algiers, in 1881 and 1882, working only in the most Europeanized and subjugated city of a vast country.’
    • ‘But his drawings keep reminding us that a real people made their art, lived their lives, and worshiped their gods on this continent long before any Europeanized poets turned their attention to them.’
    • ‘To him, the tradition meant mainly Europeanized gentility - totally inadequate to express the U.S. - although of course no one starts completely from scratch.’
    1. 1.1 Transfer to the control or responsibility of the European Union.
      • ‘In that time policy in very many aspects of day-to-day life in our member states has been Europeanised.’
      • ‘Under a third Labour term, the British economy, once the most dynamic in Europe, will continue to become progressively Europeanised.’
      • ‘The Union's policy process could be viewed as an amalgam of national policy processes, which in turn has Europeanized policy-making at the national level.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, any move to Europeanize a policy sector will produce counter-pressures from groups that benefit from the status quo.’
      • ‘This situation arose indirectly from the Europeanisation of pharmaceutical regulation, as a result of the European Commission's adoption, to a large extent, of the industry's vision for Europeanised drug regulation.’
      • ‘The elite ‘white Turks’ were long hampered by the dominant Kemalist ideology (deriving from the republic's founder, Kemal Ataturk) in their desire or ability to Europeanise the country in depth.’
      • ‘For sure it's in order to raise their living standards and ‘Europeanise’ the tiny economy of Bulgaria, where Germans and Greeks are the main investors collectively.’
      • ‘Still, it is hardly surprising that we have not witnessed a straightforward Communitarization of policy areas, such as the CFSP, justice and home affairs, or employment policy, which have effectively been Europeanized instead.’
      • ‘Politics has remained firmly national, while policy has become increasingly Europeanized.’
      • ‘And this is how national interests become Europeanized.’
      • ‘The alliance should be Europeanized, he argues, and could include Russia.’
      • ‘The preservation of national practices as national policy processes are Europeanized could be viewed less as a barrier to the success of the European project than an essential precondition of its success.’