Definition of Euro in US English:



  • European, especially concerned with the European Union.

    ‘he voted with the government in the Euro debate’
    • ‘He needs as much exposure to the international stage as he can get before the Euro marathon begins.’
    • ‘How much you like this comes down to how much you think 60s and 70s Euro jazz is cool.’
    • ‘The Rangers players are performing now not merely in the name of Euro glory for their own survival.’
    • ‘In the Euro elections, the issue was going to be Europe and our relationship to it.’
    • ‘If she's moved, it might be a sign that there's unlikely to be a Euro referendum soon.’
    • ‘As we wait, we will see the economies of the Euro countries collapse from within.’
    • ‘Today she hoped to have signed her nomination papers for the June 10 Euro elections.’
    • ‘Through its Treasury operations, it has owned planes, and boats and even a couple of Euro trains.’
    • ‘According to the poll, two-thirds of people say they plan to vote in the Euro elections.’
    • ‘There is no such Euro coin but how big does he think a five cent coin is?’
    • ‘However, the Euro NCAP rating of three stars is competitive for a car of this age and size.’
    • ‘People can start spending the new Euro notes and coins from midnight on January 1.’
    • ‘Had he held a Euro referendum in his first gilded year in office he may well have won the argument, but he bottled it.’
    • ‘Celtic may have a new manager, but the Euro ineptitude which has been their hallmark of late remains.’
    • ‘The local party kept my vote, but in the Euro elections I went for UKIP for a variety of reasons.’
    • ‘Hayes argues that even if Reds fail to qualify, their Euro campaign will not have been a failure.’
    • ‘Since the beginning of the year Euro law has insisted that we think metric.’
    • ‘If he can deliver the British people to the Euro leaders, the Presidency of Europe awaits him.’
    • ‘The reduced bin collection is just one manifestation of these tedious Euro waste regulations.’
    • ‘Norway's absence from the EU means the map of Europe on the Euro coin looks a bit rude.’