Definition of euglenoid in US English:



  • A flagellated single-celled organism of a group that comprises euglena and its relatives.

    Division (or phylum) Euglenophyta

    • ‘The leucoplast genomes of the beech root parasite Epifagus virginiana, the oak parasite Conopholis americana, and the euglenoid Astasia longa display these characteristics.’
    • ‘Endosymbiosis of green algal unicells with two different heterotrophs led to euglenoids and to chlororachniophytes.’
    • ‘Group II introns are found in the mitochondria of plants and Fungi and the chloroplasts of euglenoids and algae, as well as in Bacteria such as Cyanobacteria and Proteobacteria.’
    • ‘Group B therefore included all members of the Alveolata (ciliates, dinoflagellates, and apicomplexans) and the Discicristata (euglenoids and trypanosomatids) as well as the Heterokontophyta and green algae/plants.’


  • 1Relating to organisms of the euglenoid group.

    • ‘Up to 15 species of unicellular eukaryotes, including ciliates, testaceans, green algae, and euglenoid cells, are found as syninclusions with it.’
    1. 1.1 (of cell locomotion) achieved by peristaltic waves that pass along the cell, characteristic of the euglenoids.