Definition of Eucharist in English:



  • 1The Christian ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed.

    • ‘Worshipers share bread and wine in the Eucharist as a sign of their unity with each other and with Jesus.’
    • ‘On days when there is no Mass there will be prayer assembly and Eucharist at 10.00 am except on Mondays when it will be at 7.00 pm.’
    • ‘His bodily gestures at the altar in presiding at the Eucharist, especially in consecrating the bread and wine, were important.’
    • ‘When the church disallows women to lead the celebration of the Eucharist, it is at odds with scripture.’
    • ‘While a great many Christians celebrate the Eucharist, there is some variation as to how the gifts are understood.’
    • ‘The Eucharist records Christ's breaking of the bread at the Last Supper.’
    1. 1.1 The consecrated elements, especially the bread.
      • ‘Specifically, he was making the case for allowing divorced and married persons to be allowed to receive the Eucharist.’
      • ‘But, receiving the Eucharist also means that one is in fact in full communion with Christ and His Church.’
      • ‘Such ornamental containers were created to house the consecrated Eucharist for the communion service.’
      • ‘Instead, they hold Communion services where the Eucharist is distributed using previously consecrated hosts.’
      • ‘And most amazing, we get to receive the Eucharist into our spirits, souls and bodies.’


Late Middle English: from Old French eucariste, based on ecclesiastical Greek eukharistia ‘thanksgiving’, from Greek eukharistos ‘grateful’, from eu ‘well’ + kharizesthai ‘offer graciously’ (from kharis ‘grace’).