Definition of etiological in US English:


(British aetiological)


  • See etiology

    • ‘Early attention to the etiological factors in atherosclerosis can identify individuals at risk long before the clinical manifestations appear, thus stimulating early preventive measures.’
    • ‘For instance, the etiological premise for epidemics was slowly shifting from an ‘environmental’ cause, to the germ theory of disease transmission.’
    • ‘We analyzed arsenic levels in hair because objective, biological, etiological evidence is unavailable.’
    • ‘Most of the etiological studies are biological in emphasis; however, neither the biological nor the few psychosocial studies approach etiological issues from a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial perspective.’
    • ‘The conference has also provided a safe haven for independent medical researchers to present the most cutting-edge and controversial research and theory on the etiological factors contributing to autism.’