Definition of etheric in US English:



  • See ether

    • ‘Isaac Newton documented that the etheric body, commonly referred to as the aura, holds a source of energy that is needed by the physical body.’
    • ‘It's as if the gods were marking the individual as a special servant or mediator between the waking world and the dream, or etheric, world.’
    • ‘Humans - and everything that has ‘life’ - have an etheric body which looks identical to the physical body but functions at a higher frequency.’
    • ‘And the idea that we are surrounded and interpenetrated by a sort of ghostly jelly appealed to the spiritualists of the day, who concocted the notion that we each have an etheric body as well as a material one.’
    • ‘The etheric body absorbs, assimilates and distributes energy via centres called ‘Chakras’.’