Definition of etching in English:



  • 1A print produced by the process of etching.

    ‘etchings of animals and wildflowers’
    • ‘Lithographs, watercolours, drawings, etchings and numerous sculptures are housed in this serene villa.’
    • ‘In addition to paintings, he produced a large number of prints - etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts.’
    • ‘Bell's drawings, etchings and monumental clay sculptures possess a kind of mystical godliness.’
    • ‘Schiftan is a publisher and importer of fine art reproductions and hand-colored etchings.’
    • ‘On display will be a selection of large-scale oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and etchings.’
    • ‘Together, the etchings and paintings summarize Goya's contribution to war art per se.’
    • ‘The result is an assembly of drawings, etchings and digital prints representing a 50-year long obsession.’
    • ‘Customers can choose from original works of art, etchings and limited-edition prints.’
    • ‘During this time he offered a number of prints, etchings and lithographs to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.’
    • ‘Original oil paintings and etchings by Frances Hodgkins, William Swainson and John Gully were heaped in piles on the floor.’
    • ‘The presentation consists of oil paintings and etchings and is a collection of her impressions of India.’
    • ‘The book is a hand-made collection of Emmanuel's etchings and lithographs, some of which are painted by the artist.’
    • ‘Engravings, along with etchings and drypoints, are created with the intaglio process.’
    • ‘Not only that, but there will also be a selection of etchings, illustrations, ephemera and maps on many of the stands.’
    • ‘The progressive series of etchings show Picasso's brief foray into lithography.’
    • ‘In an inspired move, the Gallery of Modern Art has hung five oil paintings alongside the etchings, allowing us to make clear comparisons.’
    • ‘Whistler's etchings of Venice were published in two sets.’
    • ‘In addition to his paintings, he has left us with thousands of etchings, and drawings.’
    • ‘This celebrated, rare etching is based on studies Picasso made for a figure of a weeping woman in Guernica.’
    • ‘At the end of his life, the artist had created more than one thousand prints - mainly lithographs and etchings.’
    engraving, print, impression, block, plate, dry point, cut, woodcut, linocut, vignette
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    1. 1.1 The art or process of producing etched plates or objects.
      • ‘He studied drawing and etching at an art school in Nantes, France, from 1971 to 1978.’
      • ‘In a process she likens to printmaking or etching, Moreau pours the mixture directly onto the metal surface and spreads the pools of paint with a brush.’
      • ‘He was unsatisfied with the results until, he met Mark Draper, someone who had mastered the technical aspects of etching and from whom he learned a great deal one summer.’
      • ‘An inventive graphic artist, he has worked in various printmaking techniques, including etching, screenprinting, and woodcut.’
      • ‘Even had this not been so, etching was an appropriate medium for this series, as it permitted him to portray minute details of physical decomposition.’
      • ‘Rembrandt was an innovative printmaker, and was especially devoted to expressive etching.’
      • ‘‘I enjoy the medium of etching for its tactile qualities, its chiaroscuro possibilities and the surprises of the process,’ she said.’
      • ‘They said etching was too remote, too technical… but as soon as I managed to get artists to try, they liked it.’
      • ‘In this series, Goya had perfected the painstaking processes of etching and aquatint and placed them in the service of rendering bizarre compositions of man, beast, witch and clergyman.’
      • ‘What becomes clear is that a passion for drawing underpins his approach to etching.’
      • ‘Since then, she has worked in a number of other media besides oil painting, including etching, lithography, watercolor, pastel, sculpture and tapestry.’
      • ‘Siobhan stressed the originality apparent within the works, and described some of the processes involved in etching and printmaking in general.’
      • ‘Gross, a master of etching in charge of graphics at the Slade School of Art, later helped Daphne Reynolds to develop mezzotints, the deep, velvety blacks created with home-made ink.’
      • ‘He experimented with other mediums, such as oil paint and etching, but most of his best work was done with watercolors.’
      • ‘A large Freud etched self-portrait, with typical merciless etching to delineate each patch of skin, is perhaps the most memorable work in the exhibition.’