Definition of estrous cycle in English:

estrous cycle


  • The recurring reproductive cycle in many female mammals, including estrus, ovulation, and changes in the uterine lining.

    • ‘Vaginal smears were taken from each female in the morning to determine the stage of the estrous cycle.’
    • ‘Using targeted nutritional management to optimize the percentage of heifers that initiate estrous cycles and calve at two years of age is beneficial for any cow-calf operation.’
    • ‘This review considers recently developed methods to control estrous cycles of postpartum beef cows with melengestrol acetate.’
    • ‘Conception during the first week of the breeding season is limited by the proportion of cows that have resumed normal estrous cycles before the beginning of the breeding season.’
    • ‘A beef cow has a 21-day estrous cycle, the period from one estrus, or heat, to the next.’
    • ‘This is consistent with common myths about female animal sterilization, in which case many caretakers falsely believe female animals must go through one estrous cycle or give birth to one litter of offspring prior to being sterilized.’
    • ‘The estrous cycle is 28 days with a 3 day period of estrus.’
    • ‘Normal ovarian function depends on the continual process of growth and development of follicles to ensure the presence of a follicle capable of ovulation during each estrous cycle.’
    • ‘Little difference was observed between the control and experimental groups in the pattern of estrous cycle at 2 and 10 months of treatment.’
    • ‘Numerous procedures have been developed to manipulate the estrous cycle of heifers to maximize the number that are in estrus during a short, predefined period with normal fertility-synchronized estrus.’
    • ‘The investigators initiated treatments when they estimated that about 50% of study cows had initiated estrous cycles.’
    • ‘This is the length of the estrous cycle of females in our study population.’
    • ‘The level of postpartum nutrition (as evidenced by body condition at breeding) generally affects the fertility of the estrous cycle during the breeding season.’
    • ‘Expression of a germ cell marker in bone marrow fluctuated regularly with the female mouse's estrous cycle, much like the cyclical rise and fall of certain hormones.’


estrous cycle

/ˈestrəs ˌsīk(ə)l/