Definition of essayistic in US English:



  • Characteristic of or used in essays; discursive; informal.

    • ‘More than anyone, he's broadened the art of documentary, adding impassioned, essayistic advocacy to its repertoire of styles.’
    • ‘French news columns are often more essayistic than American ones, and likewise Arabic news.’
    • ‘I want to think it is possible to make a personal, sceptical, essayistic film which does not present history as a simple tale of good people and bad, of beginnings, middles and ends.’
    • ‘That's the trick of the current wave of documentaries, even essayistic ones like ‘The Fog of War’.’
    • ‘He opens avenues of commentary with essayistic asides on politics and history and mulls over the plot choices he makes and the nuances of the theme of shame.’
    • ‘She is at her most urgent and evocative when she assumes the first person; otherwise the work's essayistic quality obtrudes upon the immediacy and music of the poetry.’
    • ‘Part history, part science, part memoir, the book is a weaving, wandering thing, personal and essayistic.’
    • ‘Lopate has spent nearly six decades living in that vortex and grappling with its contradictions by cultivating an essayistic style that's lyrical and historical, elegiac and pragmatic, steely and serene, affable and brash.’
    • ‘He has written a novel in the shadow of Jorge Luis Borges, a ‘novel in essayistic form about the search for the ideal language’.’
    • ‘Some segments employ fictionalized dialogue delivered by actors; others consist of essayistic voice-overs accompanying aleatory images.’
    • ‘Hoffman interrupts biographical chapters with essayistic meditations on the difficulty of living ‘between’ two languages and her struggle to achieve fluency in English.’
    • ‘Some chapters are straightforward and matter-of-fact, while others are essayistic.’
    • ‘Chapters range from heavy biology to essayistic prose.’
    • ‘These essays aren't the kinds of things that would be published in philosophy journals because they are too essayistic and anecdotal.’
    • ‘Consistent with the tape's essayistic structure and tone, these clips serve a purpose more akin to quotation than to the recontextualizing, deconstructive gestures that are characteristic of many such video art tapes.’
    • ‘What avenues are now open to young filmmakers who are interested in getting into the type of personal, essayistic documentary filmmaking that your work has come to typify?’