Definition of escudo in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Portugal (until the introduction of the euro) and Cape Verde, equal to 100 centavos.

    • ‘She could earn up to 15,000 escudos a day, or three times the going rate for a building site in Lisbon.’
    • ‘Portugal had until the end of February to phase out the escudo.’
    • ‘Some taxi operators and small businesses were reported to be giving back change in both euros and escudos, against government recommendations.’
    • ‘The baron got 800 escudos a year in compensation.’
    • ‘The euro, which replaces the old francs, marks, guilders, pesetas, escudos, drachmas, and lire of the European Union, is not yet five years old.’
    • ‘Within one year of abandoning the escudo for the euro, Portugal, for example, was forced to make massive cuts in public spending to meet the stability pact's criteria.’


Spanish and Portuguese, from Latin scutum ‘shield’.