Definition of erythronium in US English:


nounPlural erythroniums, Plural erythronia

  • A plant of a genus that includes dogtooth violet.

    Genus Erythronium, family Liliaceae

    • ‘Under the trees are clumps of hellebores, erythroniums, and trilliums.’
    • ‘‘Pagoda’ is one of the most commonly available erythroniums.’
    • ‘To add to your tulips and erythroniums, you may consider Fritillaria meliagris, which is a pink-and-white British native.’
    • ‘Although light shade is usually recommended for erythroniums, the nurseryman had found ‘Pagoda’ to do well in brighter conditions and he advised an open, sunny spot.’
    • ‘There, erythroniums are naturalised in grass and look wonderful when they flower in late February and March.’


Modern Latin, from Greek (saturion) eruthronion ‘red-flowered (orchid)’.