Definition of erythematous in US English:



  • See erythema

    • ‘Infections such as mastitis and cellulitis tend to be erythematous, tender, and warm to the touch; they may be more circumscribed if an abscess has formed.’
    • ‘The disease begins as an erythematous papule at the site of the sandfly bite on exposed parts of the body.’
    • ‘Thrush and erythematous candidiasis are common in patients with immune defects and are often an early manifestation of the immunodeficiency.’
    • ‘Psoriasis typically presents as erythematous plaques with thick, white scale on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower lumbar area.’
    • ‘Seborrheic dermatitis causes scaly erythematous skin lesions most often found in nasolabial folds and eyebrow areas.’