Definition of erudition in English:



  • The quality of having or showing great knowledge or learning; scholarship.

    ‘he was known for his wit, erudition, and teaching skills’
    • ‘He was a brave and energetic traveller, an art historian of astonishing erudition, and a profoundly perceptive connoisseur of civilisations.’
    • ‘It was an assured display of political and cultural erudition, a depth of knowledge of the past in all its social and ethical forms.’
    • ‘Anyone wishing a general introduction to this fascinating period and one which is told with erudition and understanding should look no further.’
    • ‘It's meant to lend a spirit of Everyman inquiry and thoughtful erudition to the proceedings.’
    • ‘To common people, impressed by his learning, erudition and experience, all this looks puzzling.’
    learning, scholarship, knowledge, education, culture, intellect, academic attainment, attainments, acquirements, enlightenment, illumination, edification, book learning, insight, information, understanding, sageness, wisdom, sophistication, training
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