Definition of erucic acid in US English:

erucic acid


  • A solid compound present in mustard and rape seeds.

    An unsaturated fatty acid: chemical formula: C₂₁H₄₁COOH

    • ‘Canola has been the subject of both kinds of modification, first to lower erucic acid levels and then to increase pesticide resistance.’
    • ‘For both identified QTL, the results showed that the alleles associated with high erucic acid levels are derived from the Sollux parent.’
    • ‘The original rapeseed oil, used as both a lubricant and an edible oil, was harmful when ingested because of high levels of a chemical called erucic acid.’
    • ‘The seed oil has a much reduced content of erucic acid, which is a long-chain fatty acid that is toxic to humans.’
    • ‘There had been a problem which discouraged its use; it was high in erucic acid and glucosinolates, which have anti-nutritional properties.’


Mid 19th century: erucic from Latin eruca ‘rocket’ (denoting the plant) + -ic.


erucic acid

/iˌro͞osik ˈasid/