Definition of equipment in English:



  • 1The necessary items for a particular purpose.

    ‘office equipment’
    • ‘It still turns out that many of our kids are there without the equipment that they need.’
    • ‘They provide all computer equipment and course material for the duration of the programme.’
    • ‘I was familiar as many readers would be with all the old horse gear, equipment and implements.’
    • ‘Spending on capital equipment by telecoms companies remains depressed.’
    • ‘This will provide the dedicated staff and equipment necessary for small companies to compete.’
    • ‘The grant will be used for social activities and to buy office equipment.’
    • ‘The pair said there were several parties interested in buying the company's equipment but the land would be sold.’
    • ‘I think they basically just got all the left over equipment from the office and gave it to me.’
    • ‘I grabbed my bag and stuffed it with the necessary equipment, and the bread, then jumped on my bike.’
    • ‘They are also contacting suppliers of skating equipment for quotes and information.’
    • ‘It has provided a little money to repair government offices and provide some office equipment.’
    • ‘People have offered us all kinds of help, including the loan of equipment and office space.’
    • ‘This test is safe, simple to perform, and can be done in the office with no equipment.’
    • ‘As a child, his father kept him kitted out with all the necessary cricket equipment.’
    • ‘All the necessary ski equipment is available for hire and is fairly inexpensive.’
    • ‘They will also have the opportunity to access a variety of office equipment to help research and develop their ideas.’
    • ‘The audio gear and battery charging equipment can be interchanged between radio sets.’
    • ‘The company manufactures drilling equipment and uses lithium batteries as part of the process.’
    • ‘The partnership is also funded through fines and helps to pay for its equipment, offices and staff.’
    • ‘Employees should take a break away from office equipment every hour or two.’
    apparatus, paraphernalia, articles, appliances, impedimenta
    tools, utensils, implements, instruments, hardware, gadgets, gadgetry
    stuff, things
    kit, rig, tackle, outfit
    resources, amenities, supplies
    furniture, furnishings, fittings
    odds and ends, bits and pieces, bits and bobs
    trappings, appurtenances, accoutrements, regalia
    materiel, baggage
    gear, box of tricks
    clobber, gubbins, odds and sods
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    1. 1.1The process of supplying someone or something with items necessary for a particular purpose.
      ‘the construction and equipment of new harbor facilities’
      • ‘The equipment of the truck with large profiled solid rubber tyres allows best floor contact also on wet and bumpy floors.’
      • ‘I feel it my duty to state the great activity, energy, and zeal shown by the Admiral in superintending the equipment of the Danish ships and the embarkation of the stores from the arsenal.’
    2. 1.2Mental resources.
      ‘they lacked the intellectual equipment to recognize the jokes’
      • ‘Men don't quite have the right physical or mental equipment to be the dominant parent.’
      • ‘There must have been a time when man's mental equipment was different from what it is now.’
      • ‘A normal woman of 18 does not have the inchoate mental equipment of a child of 9. She has adult, mature mental equipment.’
      • ‘Sounds to me like you've got all the mental/spiritual equipment you need and should just get on with it!’
    3. 1.3informal Used euphemistically to refer to a man's penis and testicles.
      • ‘Would you refer to your equipment as a stack of nickels, dimes or quarters?’
      • ‘Some men, when they're dating, or they have a new partner, get nervous, and their equipment doesn't work well.’
      • ‘Russian surgeons have constructed and grafted an artificial penis onto the body of a soldier who lost his equipment on a booby trap.’
      • ‘The website instructs us to take one capsule a day until our equipment reaches the size we want.’
      • ‘Andy's equipment was larger than I had thought possible.’


Early 18th century: from French équipement, from équiper equip.