Definition of equip in US English:


verbequips, equipping, equipped

[with object]
  • 1Supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose.

    ‘all bedrooms are equipped with a color TV’
    ‘they equipped themselves for the campaign’
    • ‘Mr Smith adds that Metro does provide an access bus in Keighley that is equipped with ramps for disabled people.’
    • ‘Each is equipped with years of experience, bolstered by their love for cars and driving.’
    • ‘Roots are fully equipped with all the enzymes and precursors that synthesize ABA.’
    • ‘Consider this only if your boat is fully equipped with all the necessary navigation aids and safety equipment.’
    • ‘The system is equipped with a global positioning system to provide its location.’
    • ‘Also, when I buy a car it is fully equipped with lights, reflectors and so forth, but a bike is usually not.’
    • ‘He was amazed that his father had set up a suite just for Kate, fully equipped for all her needs.’
    • ‘The school is equipped with computers and an indoor playground for the children.’
    • ‘The interior is equipped with a generous supply of wood, leather and thick carpet.’
    • ‘He set his bag down on the couch and made his way to the tiny kitchen they were equipped with.’
    • ‘The aft deck is admirably equipped for divers, especially underwater photographers.’
    • ‘Sell your PCs fully equipped with legally licensed operating systems preinstalled.’
    • ‘The centre is also equipped with the latest medical advancements and technology.’
    • ‘These days, many canoes have been equipped with a motor for long distance travel.’
    • ‘Each has a number of rooms with bunk beds, fully equipped kitchens and a hall, as well as radiator heating and a toilet.’
    • ‘The centre is fully equipped with the latest computers and is a great learning environment.’
    • ‘Seniors will have their own suites that are equipped with a bathroom and small kitchen.’
    • ‘The chassis is also equipped with redundant hot plug fans and power supplies.’
    • ‘It's a slight advantage if the rod is equipped with a roller eye, but not necessary.’
    • ‘The separate large diving deck is equipped with a full range of latest gear and includes nitrox facilities.’
    provide, furnish, supply, issue, fit out, kit out, rig out, deck out, stock, provision, arm
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    1. 1.1 Prepare (someone) mentally for a particular situation or task.
      ‘I don't think he's equipped for the modern age’
      • ‘In contrast, enablement equips people with the personal resources to select and create successful life courses.’
      • ‘That doesn't equip people driving in open conditions on the motorway or dual carriageways.’
      • ‘Evolutionarily-old connections between our lower brains and our bodies equip us to deal with overwhelming situations rapidly.’
      • ‘It seeks to equip young people with the knowledge and skills needed to become highly competitive entrepreneurs.’
      • ‘Ongoing training equips members for any situation.’
      • ‘We need to look at what we can do to equip people for work using the present system.’
      • ‘She also considers cooking to be a vital skill that will equip young people to make good decisions later in life.’
      • ‘The oil poured on David's head by Samuel became a vehicle through which the blessing of the Holy Spirit was released in his life to equip him for his task as king.’
      • ‘If schools fail to equip these young people so they leave schools unable to even complete an application form for a job, how are they going to survive?’
      • ‘The future is unpredictable so our education system must equip people to cope with new situations with confidence.’
      • ‘People often wonder how difficult this is but our training equips us with the skills to look at the situation in an impartial way.’
      • ‘Several question modules are prepared to equip the students fully.’
      • ‘We're the party that wants to be able to equip the troops while they're in battle and to prepare them for battle.’
      • ‘And his enthusiasm and knowledge of sport, particularly football, equip him well for the task.’
      • ‘We must offer training to equip people with the skills that are needed in York.’
      • ‘You know, the easy thing to do is to recruit people and equip people and train them.’
      • ‘I am very concerned that we are not equipping our young people with the skills which will be needed in the future.’
      • ‘To ensure they're prepared for that future, educators need to equip students with the proper skills.’
      • ‘I sent my own two children to the school, not least as a result of spending years interviewing top business people about what best equips young people for life and work apart from the right bits of paper.’
      • ‘The facilitation work which it operates with local community groups equips people with skills and confidence to conduct research and to publish their own community histories.’
      prepare, qualify, suit, endow
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Early 16th century: from French équiper, probably from Old Norse skipa ‘to man (a ship)’, from skip ‘ship’.