Definition of equidistant in English:



  • At equal distances.

    ‘he wants to be equidistant from both political parties’
    • ‘He or she can come from within the organisation as long as the mediator is equidistant from both parties involved in the dispute.’
    • ‘By impacting a point equidistant between each fibre, we observed equal intensity of light from each.’
    • ‘Neutral observers claim Waterside is equidistant from Swords and Malahide with a walk to either town centre taking around 50 minutes on average.’
    • ‘Par of Fettercairn, which is almost equidistant from Aberdeen and Dundee, is a conservation area with many of its buildings dating from the 18th century.’
    • ‘Purvanov's concrete proposals for the establishment of an anti-corruption service, which would be equidistant from all powers, have been posted on the web site of the presidency.’
    • ‘Our priority is to position ourselves at a point equidistant from all predetermined boundaries.’
    • ‘Then I have to mentally measure up exactly where the stamp should be positioned, ensuring that it is placed equidistant from the side and the top of the envelope, with an equal measure of space on both margins.’
    • ‘We based ourselves in Wooler, a small town nestling near the foot of the Cheviots, about 15 miles equidistant from Bamburgh on the coast, Berwick to the north and Alnwick in the south.’
    • ‘Grab the barbell with your hands equidistant apart.’
    • ‘You'd tap the screen and/or click and a nice round menu comes up around the point you touched, and every selection is equidistant from where your pen is.’
    • ‘All around I can hear what this city calls early morning silence, an equidistant rumble that seems to begin a few blocks away.’
    • ‘It is almost exactly equidistant from the existing hubs/gateways of Dublin, Waterford, Tullamore and Wexford.’
    • ‘Greenore Port, located equidistant between Dublin and Belfast, is one of the three deepwater ports on the east coast and has long term development potential.’
    • ‘From his Bolton home, almost equidistant from the two UK operations, Mr Cox has literally been at the centre of developments.’
    • ‘India proposes a seaward median / equidistant line approach for determining the maritime boundary.’
    • ‘He reckons the surf is great in Tennant Creek, and even better in Alice, considering we're equidistant from every beach in the country.’
    • ‘For him to claim that two morally equivalent sides were fighting it out is staggering: he is equidistant between a poisoner and the medical crew waving an antidote.’
    • ‘The announcement last year of a possible North West assembly had to be held in an hotel in Daresbury in Cheshire in order to be roughly equidistant between Liverpool and Manchester and avoid offending the residents of either.’
    • ‘Intimacy and distance must be roughly equidistant and must pull in opposite directions.’
    • ‘Through the course of the playback of each pre-recorded section, the sound is redirected to one or more of six loudspeakers placed equidistant around the audience.’
    central, mid, mean, medium, medial, median, midway, halfway, mesial
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