Definition of equant in English:



  • (of a crystal or particle) having its different diameters approximately equal, so as to be roughly cubic or spherical in shape.

    • ‘This large (about 5 meters in diameter) equant vein has a distinct concentric zonation.’
    • ‘It typically occurs as transparent flattened crystals, as small equant crystals, as intergrown masses of small lustrous crystals, and occasionally as stout or elongated twinned crystals.’
    • ‘Both samples consist of fine-grained calcite with elongated or equant shapes.’
    • ‘Doubly terminated, transparent, colorless equant crystals of classic Herkimer ‘diamond’ habit are locally common.’
    • ‘A few outstanding composite specimens were recovered, with crude dendritic copper intergrown with one or two large, single, equant crystals.’


Mid 16th century: from Latin aequant- ‘making equal’, from the verb aequare.