Definition of equally in English:



  • 1In the same manner.

    ‘all children should be treated equally’
    • ‘Bradford Council says it treats everyone equally by reassessing all parking badges every three years.’
    • ‘She urged ministers to change the law so all people were treated equally in every part of their lives.’
    • ‘The Irish consumer deserves to be treated equally to his or her European counterpart.’
    • ‘Of course it is for everyone in the community to tackle racism and to ensure everyone is treated equally.’
    • ‘You can think somebody is a bad lot, but you have to treat that person equally.’
    • ‘He said girls and boys would be treated equally but did not rule out separate classes.’
    • ‘This of course will mean no civil rights and everyone being treated equally - as a criminal.’
    • ‘Responding to the criticism, Firman said that all cases were treated equally.’
    • ‘When they talk about one law for all, are they talking about a law that is impartial and treats all people equally?’
    • ‘No-one forced into being treated equally or being forced to treat equally is happy or really free.’
    • ‘We are in favour of enlargement with all states being treated equally, not a two tier superstate.’
    • ‘They want to be treated equally, and any hint that they are not equal is more than they can bear.’
    • ‘In other words, to ensure good governance where all are treated equally and justly.’
    • ‘If couples were treated equally before the law, we would be looking at a Marriage Reform Bill.’
    • ‘Further, the state must remain agnostic if it is to treat all citizens equally.’
    • ‘Both they and teachers are part of the same team and should be treated equally.’
    • ‘No one can tell until they arrive at the scene of an incident exactly how serious it will be, so every call-out is treated equally.’
    • ‘Obviously people aren't treated equally - there's always inequality in the world.’
    • ‘The systems treat all votes equally and provide representation for virtually every voter.’
    • ‘Is there reason to believe that we are not treating all employees equally and fairly?’
    1. 1.1 In amounts or parts that are the same in size.
      ‘the money can be divided equally between you’
      • ‘Any money raised will be divided equally between the children when they reach their 21st birthdays.’
      • ‘The public's vote has been equally divided between the two proposals.’
      • ‘Each team has an equally allotted amount of turbo at the start of every inning.’
      • ‘After school hours must also be equally divided between sports and tuition.’
      • ‘And if John had more children the fund would be shared equally with them.’
      • ‘The vision of a new India is shared equally by all and this includes the visually-impaired as well.’
      • ‘Eighty per cent of this cash is divided equally amongst all holding qualifying status.’
      • ‘The bank employs 7,000 divided equally between its home town and across West Yorkshire.’
      • ‘He also pointed out that he divided his time equally between the two stations.’
      • ‘The five bodies have already shared roughly equally the first £1.18 million of the cash.’
      • ‘Like the last, coveted chocolate bar, parents are expected to divide their love up equally.’
      • ‘By slacking, you simply reduce the size of the pie that your parents will eventually divide equally.’
      • ‘At present we have four Masses, in the parish divided equally with two on Saturday and two on Sunday.’
      • ‘It has countered criticism by touting customers of all shapes and sizes buying equally different sets of products.’
      • ‘Everything there must be divided equally into six shares and distributed as soon as possible.’
      • ‘If the parents earn the same amount, then they will share equally in the cost of raising that child.’
      • ‘In the event of a single person dying intestate, his or her estate is divided equally between the parents if they are still living.’
      • ‘The State Government and the railways have to equally share the cost, he said.’
      • ‘The company divided the shares of the company equally among its six directors last month.’
      • ‘Until the Welsh veteran suffered a calf strain last month the pair had equally shared 14 goals between them.’
      • ‘Let us share the resources equally among us because all of us deserve that.’
  • 2To the same extent or degree.

    as submodifier ‘follow-up discussion is equally important’
    • ‘The mother in my judgment has an equally poor view of the father, which she has not hesitated to express in front of her children.’
    • ‘The article continues on with equally slanderous comments about the much-loved entertainer.’
    • ‘In equally spectacular manner, Hawick signed off with a solo try from young No 8 Craig Sutherland.’
    • ‘The fact that he was allowed to remain in his marriage is an equally revealing comment on his wife of 45 years.’
    • ‘We hope they will be equally generous with their comments on our offerings.’
    • ‘He is equally insistent commentators' interpretations of recent surveys is bogus.’
    • ‘Besides this it is equally essential for you to follow your daily life in a routine manner.’
    • ‘In an equally cliched manner, she could also be described as a ‘fiery ball of energy’.’
    • ‘They see protection for the rich and protection for the poor as equally bad.’
    • ‘Most adults take as many risks as most young people do and have equally poor future thinking abilities.’
    • ‘The disposal of chicken waste is done in an equally haphazard and insensitive manner.’
    • ‘Health and average life expectancy have declined in an equally dramatic manner.’
    • ‘For the utilitarian, equal amounts of utility matter equally, regardless of whose utility it is.’
    • ‘So it is not surprising that they tend to pay an equally excessive amount of attention to themselves.’
    • ‘It soon became equally clear that their old fault of poor finish was still there.’
    • ‘He argued any legislation introduced by invoking the Act was equally unlawful.’
    • ‘Indeed the Council has made equally trenchant comments in each of the examples discussed above.’
    • ‘But then he would trot on to take a penalty, say, or score the winning goal in some other equally perfect manner.’
    • ‘Furthermore it's equally hard to believe that the song in question is that old.’
    • ‘He is positively glowing with self-righteous zeal beside his equally sober betrothed.’
    justly, equitably, impartially, without bias, without prejudice, without fear or favour, with an open mind, open-mindedly, even-handedly, objectively, neutrally, disinterestedly
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    1. 2.1sentence adverb In addition and having the same importance (used to introduce a further comment on a topic)
      ‘not all who live in inner cities are poor; equally, many poor people live outside inner cities’
      • ‘Equally, they are divided on how skills emerge and develop.’
      • ‘They are willing to do good as long as it is conducive to their self interest, but, equally, they are willing to do evil also.’
      too, as well, besides, in addition, additionally, furthermore, further, moreover, into the bargain, on top, on top of that, over and above that, what's more, to boot, else, then, equally
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The construction equally as—for example in follow-up discussion is equally as important —is relatively common but is sometimes criticized on the grounds of redundancy. Equally used alone is adequate: follow-up discussion is equally important