Definition of equalizer in US English:


(British equaliser)


  • 1A thing that has an equalizing effect.

    ‘education is the great equalizer’
    • ‘‘The Web is absolutely the great equalizer,’ he said.’
    • ‘This got me thinking: traffic is the great equalizer.’
    • ‘He quickly found that mountain biking was often the great equalizer in helping his students better adjust to the pressures of both home and school.’
    • ‘Most of this film takes place outdoors, the great equalizer, where it doesn't matter that you have nothing at all in the world.’
    • ‘‘The great equalizer is the Internet,’ says McLeod.’
    • ‘The answer is the great equalizer of the modern democratic society, and I'm writing on it this very instant.’
    • ‘Don't believe it when they tell you that death is the great equalizer.’
    • ‘And green technology could be a great equalizer, bringing wealth to the tropical areas of the world which have most of the sunshine, most of the human population, and most of the poverty.’
    • ‘The Japanese have no idea what a great equalizer this is.’
    • ‘Smarter training can be a great equalizer, allowing those with modest natural endurance or training time to beat those with more aerobic capacity, but less economical strokes or race plans.’
    • ‘A layer of ice and a light snow cover is the great equalizer; only the cautious survive and the only driver smiling is my neighbor, the tow truck operator, as he stops by the bank to lighten his load.’
    • ‘The way many people here see it, these precautions are the great equalizer when your opponent is a serial killer.’
    • ‘So age is the great equalizer - 90% of 20 year olds are going to be hotter than pretty much any 50 year old, just by being young & nubile.’
    • ‘The crisis that struck in mid-1997 was a great equalizer, along with the popularity of the ‘back to nature’ movement starting in the West.’
    • ‘I think that when it looks like somebody's got things a lot better than we do, we like to see them fall because it's sort of a great equalizer.’
    • ‘Because in this country, in the judicial system, money is a great equalizer.’
    • ‘But computational science is a great equalizer.’
    • ‘Free public education was originally conceived as a great equalizer.’
    • ‘I often say that there are two equalizers in life: the Internet and education.’
    • ‘Wealthy motorists frustrated by the great equalizer, traffic jams, will pioneer a brand new gimmick: motorcycle motorcades for millionaires.’
    • ‘BE ENTERTAINING - Humor is the great equalizer and something that nearly everyone appreciates.’
    1. 1.1North American informal A weapon, especially a gun.
      • ‘Colonel Samuel Colt's revolver continues to serve as an equalizer.’
      • ‘Colt claimed that his guns were the ‘great equalizers.’’
      • ‘Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and missiles are viewed, probably erroneously, as the potential equalizer of superior Western conventional power.’
      • ‘More often than not, the real equalizer was his gun.’
    2. 1.2Electronics A passive network designed to modify a frequency response, especially to compensate for distortion.
      • ‘By separating the equalization of the signal to separate equalizers, the cost of the equalization can be reduced without substantially affecting performance.’
      • ‘And it doesn't matter that it has a great equaliser system to boot.’
      • ‘This panel would then be connected through a patchbay to a microphone, line and program amplifiers, equalizers and echo sends.’
      • ‘The equalizer coefficients are periodically transmitted to a converter within the transmitter over a secondary channel.’
      • ‘A second equalizer and adjuster circuit to equalize the timed sample sequence for detection and to adjust the gain of the amplifier and the timing of the sampler operates in a user data segment of the signal.’