Definition of epiphora in English:



  • 1Medicine
    Excessive watering of the eye.

    • ‘Two patients had been subject to recurrent dacryocystitis, 3 were subject to epiphora and recurrent dacryocystitis and the others were subject to intolerable epiphora ranging from 6 months to ‘years’.’
    • ‘This results in tears pooling in the cul-de-sac produced by the lower lid ectropion and resultant epiphora.’
    • ‘These tumours tend to go unnoticed until obstruction or compression of structures occurs, resulting in symptoms such as diplopia, epiphora or nasal obstruction.’
    • ‘We present the case of a 25 year old male who was admitted for the treatment of a swelling in the right lacrimal area with complaints of epiphora.’
    • ‘The eye is the most sensitive organ in riot control because CS causes epiphora, blepharospasm, a burning sensation, and visual problems.’
  • 2Rhetoric

    another term for epistrophe


Late 16th century ( epiphora): via Latin from Greek epi upon + pherein to bear or carry epiphora dates from the mid 17th century.