Definition of epazote in English:



  • A pungent herb used in Latin-American cooking and for tea.

    • ‘A quesadilla is a ‘turnover’ made by folding a fresh tortilla in half around a simple filling such as cheese, epazote (a pungent herb), and pepper, or potatoes and chorizo, and deep-frying it.’
    • ‘Herbs such as epazote (from Mexico), ginger or hing (asafoetida from India) are traditional ways to reduce gas from food.’
    • ‘Traditional remedies for flatulence include flavoring beans with fennel, ginger or epazote, a Mexican herb.’
    • ‘Two neatly bundled tamales, husk ends tied, open to reveal a steaming jumble of black beans, epazote, shiitakes, oyster mushrooms and manchego with red mole-drenched, achiote-rubbed pulled chicken.’
    • ‘While the beans soak, you can further reduce their gas-causing properties by adding either fresh or dried epazote, a Mexican herb, or kombu, a dried seaweed.’