Definition of envenomate in US English:



[with object]Zoology Medicine
  • (of a snake, scorpion, spider, or insect) poison by biting or stinging.

    • ‘The local and systemic effects of crotaline venom closely resemble the signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome and cannot be reliably diagnosed in an envenomated patient without directly measuring the compartment pressure.’
    • ‘I haven't been able to extract from my son how the other keepers managed to rescue the envenomated worker.’
    • ‘Viperid snakes strike, envenomate, and release mammalian prey to prevent being harmed by the prey; snakes must then track prey in the process of strike-induced chemosensory searching.’
    • ‘The second contact left me sick for 2 weeks, envenomated.’
    • ‘‘It's one of those snakes that, if it bites and envenomates you, you can certainly die,’ he said.’