Definition of entropically in US English:



  • See entropy

    • ‘Thermodynamically, the migration of nonbinding particles to these weakened microdomains is entropically favorable because it maximizes particle motions.’
    • ‘In this case, thrumming bass plucks and bouncing ball patterns entropically expire amidst wheezing exhalations and electrical shimmer.’
    • ‘The decondensation is entropically driven due to the higher number of ligand binding sites in decondensed DNA in comparison with the condensed molecules.’
    • ‘Furthermore, as the DNA unbinds entropically at extensions before the overstretching transition, these calculations predict that the plateau will not be seen in the force-extension curves for a dodecamer, as is indeed the case.’
    • ‘The extent to which the DNA binding of a given protein will be enthalpically or entropically driven is a function of solution conditions, such as temperature, salt concentration, pH, etc.’